The commission achievement


1. Negotiation with governorate councils (  AL-najaf  ,  Diyala  ,  saladdin  ,  wassit ,  AL-muthanna) to establish free zone in these governorate because of its importance  to develop the social and economical construction in Iraq in general and in the governorate in privately.

2. An accord with the Kurdistan territory to commence a free zone in Duhok governorate , also opening a brunch of commission interior the territory. 

According to the consent of the general secretarial for the council ministers to the project . we are about to be completed all the administrative and technical procedures as well as , arrangement with the territory governorate in addition to the instruction of the general secretarial for the council ministers, ministry of trade to inform the Turkey side if desires to open a collective free zone it must be according to twofold  agreement between the two parties.

3. Forming a committee in the commission to study preparing a rough sketch of new law of the commission and the instructions issued there under .

4. Forming a definition guide for the commission to execute the advertisement programme  and changing the electronics site of the commission from Domestic site (. Com) to international site (Iq).

5. Continuing in executing the investment plan project of 2011 and the prior years to complete the infrastructure of the working free zone and Neameiet AL-faluja as an introductory  to its opening .

6. The commission has get the official agreement of constructing a private free zones according to the commission of free zones law no.3 of 1998.