The commission preface

      Iraq has witnessed many economical changes  through past  years, the important is that     the great openness onto the interior and exterior investment which participated in radical alternation in Iraqi economy that it responded for hasty growth requirement in the method of world economy .

Therefore , Iraq had to adopt economical thought which attempt through it , reaching to the world economy which had been delayed for decade ago which come through encouraging the investors for investment inside Iraq which the commission attempted to and successes in magnetizing many investment project in adequate scope particularly  the petroleum industry project accompanying with technology and technical experience , hence the importance of the free zones  excel in supporting the national economy moreover the commission management which delimitated within its preferences the study the course of promotion the reality of the Iraqi Free Zones to be besides the world free zones by way of adoption several steps participate in the development of legal and administrative architecture which serve the commission and the investor. The commission desire to be actualize in next  stage.